Ability to use more GPS points avoiding 414 errors - POST for /maps/ endpoint?


I have a problem with displaying many points on the map on a self-hosted graphhoper instance.
The URL contains more than 400 “&point=55.952455%2C19.797775” parameters, so the Dropwizard or intermediate web proxy throws a 414 URI Too Long error.

Is is possible to overcome this limitation by sending a POST request to /maps/ endpoint? I get a method not allowed error if I try. Any other possible solutions?

You could:

  • Use the new maps client which already provides basic functionality, even though it comes with a few limitations. It uses POST requests to the /route endpoint. You can find it here. Note that the readme explains how you can point it at your local GH instance.

  • Find a way to increase the URL length limitation on the server side. I don’t know how to do this, but maybe this is possible.

  • Use a(n empty) custom model. When you enable the custom model box in the maps client it will use a POST request. For this to work you need to use custom profiles on the server side.

  • Try to modify the maps client code so it uses POST instead of GET. This might be harder than it sounds.

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