A tcx clone, by the gpx file system

GraphHopper web version 0.6.0
Request: Add timestamped navigation waypoints in merged gpx trk-wpt output.
To produce a tcx clone track, by the gpx file system
Possible ? Thank you.
Example files:

Hi, thanks for this. We would need more information what you did and also a pull request at github instead of a zip file. See the contributing guide.

Isn’t the normal gpx.waypoints=true sufficient for you?

This suggestion is mainly how to produce a tcx clone track, by the gpx file system.
Or how to attach strict navigation instructions in waypoints merged into a gpx track.
As GraphHopper web out does not support tcx, such a gpx clone is a best alternative.
This gpx file format is accepted by the simple to use Android app Track Navigator.
The zip. Download and see. Contains info text and some manually created file examples.

@T0709 Can you check if the download link still exists? I can’t open it.

@ jankomoot see new link.

  • The reliable tcx tracknavigation file system does not need any (routable) map.
  • A similar standard gpx norm does not excist.
  • GraphHopper web supports gpx out only.

Creating Navigation track.

  • By tcx: Generate by Garmin offline software, or online services as Ride with Gps
  • By gpx: No such service, GraphHopper web could provide a nice gpx alternative.

A very simple to use android app is Track Navigator.
Import navigation track into TN, start navigate and GO !
TN accepts .tcx or the proposed navwpt_track .gpx file.