2weeks scheduling


i have a list of places which should be visited during next 2 weeks

  • half of them should be visited on both 1st and 2nd week on the same day - like on both Mondays;
  • half of them should be visited only once at any day - like Tue of 2nd week;

is there any chance to use your planner for solving this task?

Usually you use time windows to define the possibility to visit a place at one or multiple times. For a time span over multiple days this can be a bit different and you need to model the different days with the help of different routes (vehicles). We have written a detailed tutorial here to learn how this works with our API. Does this solve your problem?

Yeah, i have seen this article

but i can’t see option how to schedule multiple deliveries to the same place, am i wrong?

Can you do this via capacity or 2 shipments?