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Is it's a time to say goodbye to Jsprit?


I really like this project and we started using it, but its future is not clear for us.
Will the project continue to develop?
Unfortunately the last commit with the code changes was 5 months ago.
Does GraphHopper has any roadmap?


Don´t know abou the roadmap, but there was some activity 3 days ago:

Commits on Jul 20, 2018
Merge remote-tracking branch ‘origin/master’

oblonski committed 3 days ago

rename InsertionBuilder

oblonski committed 3 days ago

change visibility of insertion cost calc

oblonski committed 3 days ago

I hope jsprit continues to receive support, as it is the best VRP framework around IMHO.

Best regards,


@stefan @karussell Could you please clarify the situation with the future of the Jsprit as open source library? Thanks


I cannot follow your message here as one sees also recent activity. Clearly the library has not got the same activity over the last months but this is not an indication about abandoning but more like “maturing”. There are no plans to give up jsprit.

And last but not least open source lives from contributions of the community like you :slight_smile:

Does GraphHopper has any roadmap?

Can’t talk about jsprit here but for the routing engine we don’t have a roadmap as experience showed that priorities change too much while going on and also again, community contributions define the roadmap.


@karussell Thanks for your response.

I agree with you. But take a look to Pull Requests. There are lot of PR that still not merged or closed without merge. For example this one - bugfixing initial routes #392 from @michalm user. Is there real reason why is it not merged? I see this user switched to contribute to matsim project.

Unfortunately there are also bugs that are not fixed or very critical (law requirements) feature request, like multiple breaks, that are still open.

Our project is built on jsprit and we are worried about activity of this project because Grpathhopper is the main contributor of Jsprit.

For our company, using of Directional Api as Service is not acceptable, but we would be happy to use the Directional Api (commercial jsprit) as a library with commercial support.