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Ban on driving on sundays


I am planning routes for trucks with various shipments. Is there a simple way to implement a driving ban on Sundays? For example:
A delivery of a shipment is scheduled on Monday, 1 am. The drive from the depot takes 3h. As the truck is not allowed to drive on Sundays, the desired solution is, that the truck starts on Saturday, 10pm, drives for 2h, rests for 24h, and starts again on Monday to complete the drive and then deliver the shipment.

One solution I have thought up, is to create a service with high priority that lasts the whole Sunday to model the driving ban as a rest-service. The problem is the unknown location for this. As the starting time is also unknown (depends on the duration of the drive), i cannot simply use breaks.

Do you have any suggestions how to model this?
Thanks in advance



We currently suggest to model different days with different vehicles:

And then you can restrict certain days with allowed_vehicles and disallowed_vehicles