Wrong side of the road

Dear All,

I’m currently using routing API to calculate distance between two or more points. I’m using open source solution 0.9 which install on my own server.

I have 2 GPS points like below :

In reality the first point is in the wrong side of road and my distance is bigger than reality. I expected 43 kilometers and result with API is 78 kilometers.

I’ve tested optimize parameter (with true value) on routing API without success. Map matching could be a solution but distance is too big between this 2 points.

Any solution or idea to fix this problem ?



Map Matching would be indeed a solution but as you noted the distance is too large and so you might tweak it to use CH (per default it is disable as it is slower for short distances)

The only real solution would be to query the LocationIndexTree and some all, or at least 2 “separate” edges and then calculate many travel times (many-to-many) but pick only one and calculate the full route.

Thanks for your anwer.
I will check the first option. The second one will impact our performance (we have a big number of message per seconde).