Why Path Extractor does not process distance at meeting point


I’m trying to figure out why Path Extractor (EdgeBasedCHBidirPathExtractor) only adds time onMeetingPoint method and does not add distance. Can anyone explain why?

The total distance is the sum over the distance of all edges. This summation is done in the ShortcutUnpacker implementation. The total time, however, is the sum over the time of all edges plus the turn time between the edges. This turn time is already included in ShortcutUnpacker as well via this call: GHUtility.calcMillisWithTurnMillis(weighting, edge, reverse, prevOrNextEdgeId) except for the turn time at the meeting point (where fwd and bwd search trees meet). Therefore it has to be added in onMeetingPoint.

Hi easbar,

Thank you for your explanation :slight_smile:

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