Where can I find the Data of OSM File

Hello Community !

I am a absolutely beginner of graphhopper. This project is a really good thing and I want to create some different kind of methods.

I read a lot of documentation on the webpage from graphhopper and github.com/graphhopper.
I installed the programm like the description from github.com/graphhopper and it works very fine !!

No I have some questions:
If I start a route via mouse like start from Ulm to the end point Munich graphhopper works very fast and show me the route correctly. I clicked the starting and end point via mouse on the map.
If I type Ulm in the “Von” Field in graphhopper, it didn’t works in the offline-modus on my laptop.It can’t find Ulm. But when I type the longitude and latitude it works fine. Now I want to write a function where can I look in the database / datafile to look after the correct cityname from the latitude / longitude e.g. if I write Ulm I have the correct long + lat in a variable. .

I hope anybody can answer my questions about the storage from the data and which function or method is responsible for the data retrieval. Do I need a special tool to read the data ? Or is there a tool inside in the graphhopper folder ?

Sorry for the stupid questions but I want really understand the programm.


Geocoding is not the easist task for an absolute beginner. I would
recommend you to search for “geocoding” and Nominatim as example.

Maybe the missunderstanding here is that GraphHopper provides only offline routing, no offline geocoding, no offline maps (?)

Thank you for your answers. I think there is a missunderstanding. I want to know where are the data stored. Which method is responsable to receive the coordinates from the user via mouse or manuel in the input type “Von” or “Nach”. I want to check the coordinates with cities e.g. I want to check the user input of correctness with the stored data.

So you would like to do the address search based on GraphHopper data? Only street names are stored in the names DataAccess object but no post codes, no city names or house numbers are stored by default.