What server specs hosting graphhopper server?

Hi all,

I want to host the graphopper server own my own server. I was wondering what kind of specs the server needs. It is for a routing solution in the Netherlands.

Anone has experience with setting up his own server and willing to share the specs?


This depends on the number of routing requests you have to serve, if CH or not, depends on the area you want to cover, the vehicles you want, if with or without elevation, if import time has to be fast and how often it has to be done, maybe you need a separate import server and a second routing server? … it really depends :slight_smile:

Hi karussell,

Thanks for your response.

Let’s say 400.000 requests a day and 500 concurrently for car, bike and foot for the Netherlands.
What kind of server specs would be able to serve this?


If just Netherlands then it should be possible on any server these days as the RAM requirements for this are like <100MB and CPU should be also sufficient if these requests are spread over 1 day. Maybe you need two of those servers to reduce pressure in peak times but 400-800 r/s should be possible one 1 box.

(Assuming with CH here)