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Weird routing for MTB


Maybe wrong thread but think that Graphhopper gives me wrong routing based on how I want. I think that all paths are connected and excpected a route straight through the forest rather than around it. I think it looks alright in OSM.


As this way is a highway type path and the BikeFlagEncoder describes path highways as a pushingSection (where you have to walk and can’t go by bike), I think it is faster to drive around the forest instead of walking through the forest.

Correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:


Know what? All of a sudden it´s working again! Paths is gladly used by MTB (maybe not by standard bicycles?) but under a period of time it wouldn´t go through the forest but now it works!


Oh sorry, I oversaw it, that you used the mountain bike instead of the normal bike. So you are correct, MTB doesn’t have that restriction in the open source version.

Maybe there was some data change in openstreetmap or something, that influenced it. I’m not a developer of graphhopper, so I don’t know.