Web Quickstart - {"message": "Not found"}

I am following this instructions to start up a local GraphHopper on port 8989

Sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes I only get {“message”: “Not found”}
I have no clue why this could be.

Do you have any idea?

(I use Ubuntu 14.04)

Try setting jetty.resourcebase=./web/src/main/webapp to the correct folder.

Edit: this is a argument that you can pass on the comandline, like the jetty.port=8989

If you use the unzipped release this should work as described (make sure you go into the create directory and there is a directory called ‘webapp’). If you work with the clone repo then you can try what @boldtrn suggested.

I have the same error here for me it doesn’t work at all and I don’t know where I can write or change the JVM parameters as you illustrated above? I don’t have a directory called webapp

is there a way to run matching without web server(command line)?

thanks in advance

If you just want to start your local routing website you need to do this:

(like described in Web Quickstart)

  1. Download this .zip file and extract it.

  2. Download any OpenStreetMap file and put it in the folder. Your folder should look like this now:

  3. Then open a terminal in this folder and start this command:

     java -jar graphhopper-web-0.8.2-with-dep.jar jetty.resourcebase=webapp config=config-example.properties datareader.file=myOSMFile.osm
  4. Then some processing happens. The graph will be stored in the folder myOSMFile-gh.

  5. Visit http://localhost:8989/ and enjoy the routing :slight_smile:

Does this help you?


I am working with map matching module of graphhoper, does this steps also works with this module?