Was not shown the "street name" in instruction

In the ShapeReaderTest, When i print the instructions of way, and get the text of instructions, the “street name” was not shown and when i print the result , this field( street name) is empty.

[{distance=129.687, sign=0, interval=[0, 3], text=Continue, time=9282, street_name=}, {distance=170.419, sign=-2, interval=[3, 7], text=Turn left, time=12268, street_name=}, {distance=78.573, sign=-1, interval=[7, 9], text=Turn slight left, time=5657, street_name=}, {distance=12.312, sign=2, interval=[9, 10], text=Turn right, time=1477, street_name=}, {distance=585.308, sign=2, interval=[10, 26], text=Turn right, time=35115, street_name=}, {distance=125.595, sign=2, interval=[26, 28], text=Turn right, time=15071, street_name=}, {distance=38.71, sign=2, interval=[28, 30], text=Turn right, time=2786, street_name=}, {distance=0.0, sign=4, interval=[30, 30], text=Finish!, time=0, street_name=}]

Can i have your kind assistance to help me how can i define the street name?
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As i said before, i want to get the name of edges, but when i print the name of edges of graph that is created from the shape file by this : System.out.println(hopperShp.getGraphHopperStorage().getAllEdges().getName());

it does not return any information about their name.
although i can get the name of edges of graph that is created from the OSM file.

Can any one guide me how can i solve this problem?

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I detect why the edge name was not shown when we read information from shape file.
I add this line to “OSMShapeFileReader” class :


and now it shows the edge name when the we read information from shape file.

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