VRP : visit as many nodes as possible within given time, must visit several nodes in time window


I’m writing for your guidance on my problem. I’ll put jsprit on Android device and I have to find best route for problem like:
*by node I mean service - where ‘vehicle’ has to approach target, service it for ex. 15 minutes, and go further. Vehicle has unlimited capacity.

  1. Number of possible nodes - up to 400.Typical value will be between 150 and 200.
  2. Some nodes will have time constraints. For example - there will be nodes that has to be visited at about 13:00 (12:45-13:15 for example) and cannot be visited any other time.
  3. Vehicle will work for X hours - this mean: it should start from point A, end in point B and we have to visit as many nodes as possible (bear in mind point 2 constraints).
  4. CostMatrix will be generated on server or on mobile and is currently not a big problem, I figured a way to get it right.
  5. We need to find solution for one day only, for one vehicle only.
  6. Would be great if I can define priorities like : visit all nodes in set A, if there is any time left try to visit nodes from set B.

My basic problems are:

How to set Service time to “not required” state?
How to set that service has to be serviced at specific time?
How to set time constraints for route?

Thanks for your advice!

Best regards,