Visualize Parts of Route


I just thought about a (new?) feature for GraphHopper and I am not sure if this feature is already available.

I’d like to add additional visual information to the generated route, like traffic information (red route parts show traffic jams - I know that Blog post but this is heading towards a different direction, I think). Another example could be to visualize slopes when calculating a bicycle route, red means ascent, green descent.

Is something like this possible with minimal effort/changes?


Do you mean additional information that is returned and could be potentially displayed on a map? E.g. like this here

Or do you mean something like a quick development helper like MiniGraphUI?

Hi Peter,

yes exactly, something like #439. Since this is still open I guess it is not solve-able with minimal effort?

I might play around with it a bit and see if this is doable and how.


I have not looked deep into it and there are also issues open with minimal effort e.g the good-first-issues