Version of nodes unsupported error, but build with same version

Hi all,

I have been using 0.6.0 version of graphhopper in my project, and I have decided to try 0.7-SNAPSHOT. After change in dependencies, the code stayed ok, no errors. Than I run my code to generate new graphhopper files from osm, and after that I copied generated files to my Android project, and changed dependecies in Android. But again I get version of nodes unsupported error.

My server side dependencie in pom.xml:


and my android dependency in build.gradle is:

compile 'com.graphhopper:graphhopper:0.7-SNAPSHOT'
compile 'com.graphhopper:graphhopper-tools-lgpl:0.7-SNAPSHOT'

Am I missing something, can you help please?

Usually all that needs is having the same GH version during creating and reading graphs.

Are you sure your environment reflects that?
Also please post the full exception.

As seen in changelog in 0.7 there are also some possible breaking changes like parameters notation etc. depending on use.