Vehicle-Types: Scooter

Hi all,

in germany scooters are not allowed to use trunk roads. Kurviger has support for “not using speed roads” which seems to does the same.

My question would be: It seems quite easy to add your own VehicleFlagEncoder. I don’t want to create a full navigation-solution but hope for more and more software to support this kind of routing, since it isn’t currently available in any navigation-solution for iOS/Android that I would be aware of. Would you be interested in having more FlagEncoders in Core, or do you want to stick with the very basic ones?

Tbh: I don’t know about the legal situation in other countries. I think that rule is the same for all EU-Countries. Scooters are limited to drive 45km/h and trunk roads require the vehicle to drive 80km/h minimun.

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Would you be interested in having more FlagEncoders in Core

Yes, it does not hurt :slight_smile:

But do not underestimate the required effort to get it right with OSM tagging

This is the issue :). In Germany “Mofas” also differ from 45 km/h vehicles, because they are sometimes allowed to use bicycle lanes. In other countries, 50 ccm scooters are not common, because the legal situation is different and everyone just drives 125+ ccm. I also think that the speed limits vary greatly between different countries for scooters. In some countries any motorcycle/scooter form is forbidden on highways (e.g., south east asia).

I think as a first step it would be fine to have a German Scooter profile :).