Using Service instead of Shipment for pickups and deliveries


Hello All,

Using Shipments for pickups and deliveries is a lot slower compared to using an equal number of Service while running algorithm. Instead, can I use Services for pickups and deliveries?

If I create Service for pickup as 1 quantity in capacity with pickup location and -1 quantity of capacity for delivery with the delivery location and create a hard constraint to make sure both of these services for 1 Shipment must be assigned to the same vehicle and also make sure the pickup is happening before delivery, will it work? is it a correct solution?

  • Service does not support negative values as capacity, just wanted to understand why so? Will it work if I override that check and allow negative values.
  • Will it be faster than using Shipment for pickup and delivery? I am okay if the vehicle is not coming back to the depot for loading more shipments.


Any thoughts on this one?