Using MiniGraphUI with foot profile

I want to use MiniGraphUI to test foot routing on graph that contains both car and foot profile. I have replaced “car” by “foot” in MiniGraphUI constructor and then run:

./ clean
./ build
./ miniui africa_sudan.pbf

However routes are only built for car profile:

2017-04-15 14:13:38,204 [AWT-EventQueue-0] INFO  com.graphhopper.ui.MiniGraphUI - start searching with dijkstrabi|ch|prepare|fastest from:134463-134479  14.931890439517506,33.21181577124687,NaN to:134462-134544  14.928442492187559,33.21096476655187,NaN fastest|car

How can I select foot profile in this case?

I’ve figured out, where a profile is selected. Currently the first profile is selected. It happens in constructor in line

weighting = hopper.getCHFactoryDecorator().getWeightings().get(0);

After changing it to get(1) I was able to build foot routes.

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Or use e.g. graph.flag_encoders=foot,car (order is important) or just foot

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