Using Jsprit within another project

Thanks Graphhopper for developing Jsprit; So far, I can run the existing examples (by creating a maven project in Eclipse) and I found its performance is quite impressive.

I am planning to incorporate jsprit into my current project. I tried to create a new Eclipse project to “import” jsprit classes from my project but I am overwhelm with the number of files/folders/packages involved and I don’t know which one to import and how to import them properly (I had a go and received compiling error in the very first line of: import com.graphhopper.jsprit.core.algorithm.VehicleRoutingAlgorithm;)

(More about myself: I can read and implement simple java code but am relatively new to Eclipse and I am not sure which is the right option to chose when creating a new project that can later on use functionalities from jsprit).
Any help is appreciated. Thank you.