Updating GHPoints once initially run


I’m curious if it is possible to update the routed points after the initial run.
So far users load their points and they get the route and points on a map. They can then click on the points to select them. Once a point is clicked it stores that clicked reference so they can then click somewhere on the map again (this initiates the move)

What I’m wondering is if they have clicked to move the point to a new location, is there a method to update the routed path simply? Or is it a case of completely rerunning the new points list?
Point 1 is 0,1
Point 2 is 0,2
The user clicks on Point 2 and then clicks on an empty spot 0,4. It then updates Point 2 to 0,4 and reruns the route.

I can handle all the visuals, but I was wondering if I could avoid having to essentially re-run the entire routing process with the new points list.

Hopefully I made some sense…


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