Unblausible routes (segments)

Hello ( FYI )

I played a bit with the GH alternatives and have found some unblausible routes
for example ==> unblausibe RouteSegment

The routing via a “dangerous” main trunk road. In parallel, a nice cycle path is marked (see link).

Thanks for the very nice Graphhopper

I would say that this is bad SRTM data again. We have already have three issues for this. Take a look at

#553 and the referenced #517

See this short segment


the same segment in Brouter withBrouter

Don’t they use different travel modes (bike vs foot)?


Graphhopper Online ==> bicycle (xx?) see first post
Graphhopper Local ===> bike2

BRouter Online ==> trekking original ==> ok see third post
BRouter Online ==> trekking first alternative ==> ~ same as GH

Above GH example is with bike and BRouter with trekking (foot).

If you try GH with foot and BRouter with fastbike the results are different.


sorry, i think and found (trekking is not foot only)

bicycle_fast==> fastbike
bicycle_short ==>trekking

mean you fastbike?

trekking ==> assign validForBikes = true

Yes, I fixed the BRouter link above.