Turn instruction in narrow roads

I’m trying to implement graphhopper master code to get turn description of the route,It runs very well in public roads but in the narrow roads it does not give an accurate description , for example in this route

The only description that appears is continue
this is my code

 InstructionList il = resp.getInstructions();
                    TranslationMap SINGLETON = new TranslationMap().doImport();
                    Translation esTR = SINGLETON.getWithFallBack(Locale.US);
                    String s = "";
                    if (resp.getInstructions() != null) {
                        for(Instruction instruction : il) {
                            s += "\n "+instruction.getTurnDescription(esTR);

Did i forget something or is there a way better than that ? what is wrong!

We currently only have a simplistic approach to create the turn instructions which works reasonable but fails in some cases e.g. where road names are missing. See the discussion https://github.com/graphhopper/graphhopper/issues/94

Oh, unfortunately,is the improving in the discussion works good ? if not is there an alternative ?
I want turn by turn get the turn instructions especially route description (turn left , turn right … etc) in all roads!
thank U for reply