Total Volume for Specific Day


I am trying to model this case, but not sure if it is possible or not. Let’s assume that there are 10 jobs each with capacity 2. Each day has a different total volume, which means that on a specific day only a few jobs can be served without exceeding the total volume for that day. For example:

day M (total volume 8):
route1: job1, job2 --> (total is 4)
route 2: job 3, job4 --> (total is 4)

day W (total volume 5):
route1: job5, job6 --> (total is 4)

day F (total volume 20):
route1: job7, job8, job9, job10 --> (total is 8)

The order of jobs is not important as long as the total capacities of all jobs on all routes on a day does not exceed the total volume for that day.

Do you think it is possible to handle this? Thanks in advance!

Define a different vehicle for each day; each with a different capacity.

vehicle-M capacity=8
vehicle-W capacity=5
vehicle-F capacity=20

I’ve tested it and it loaded day F to capacity, because it can handle it.

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Thank you…this what I have just done!