There is a bug in jsprit when the endTime of service exceeded the time window but still is not unassigned

Jsprit build route with delivery that has the time window 10:00-12:00, but endTime of activity is 12:04. What is interesting that this bug appear only in case when we set the number threads more then 1.
@stefan we can provide the reproducible example. I can not post here because it based on real user locations. I Can send on private email

Hello @ifley,

That is an expected behavior. In fact, this is an activity start time window which means that your activity can finish outside that window. Example: The time window is 10:00-12:00 and the activity duration is 10 minutes. If your activity starts at 11:55 then the endTime is 12:05.
In case you want to ensure that your activity endTime is always less than 12:00, and based on my previous example, you need to set a time window 10:00-11:50.

I hope it can help you

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You are right. My mistake. Thanks