The heading parameter

I am trying to use the heading parameter with no success. In the doc it states:

“heading - Favored heading direction for points. Specify either one heading for the start point or as many as there are points. In this case headings are associated by their order to the specific points. Headings are given as north based clockwise angle between 0 and 360 degree, NaN indicates non specific heading. Does only give valid results in the flexibility mode.”

I am using the “?heading=90…” to get the route but it is blank. Also what is flexibility mode?

In the config you need to disable the speed mode via

# prepare.chWeighting=fastest

What exactly is the URL and the returned json or error message?

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What will disabling speed mode do?

I am getting a blank result after adding “&heading=283” to URL. Sorry I can’t get the URL right now but using
2 x points

There are two ‘modes’, disabling speed mode is the same as enabling flexiblity mode.

Although it is possible since 0.5 to run ‘flexible’ queries on a ‘speed mode’ graph, it is currently not easily possible and so you have to disable the speed mode and re-import the graph again

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