The car profile try to find main route extending the way

Hello, I have the problem after updating to 3.0 version. Choosing car profile it try to find main road as quick as possible but when I choose another profile the route is normal. It is a problem because sometimes the way for the car is about 30 kilometers longer… Could someone tell me where could be the problem ?

Example car route :

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. But it sounds like you are wondering why the router takes a bit of a detour so it uses the big yellow road? This can happen sometimes especially for motorized vehicles as they save time by using faster roads which amortize a longer distance. For example this rarely is the case for the foot or bike profiles where taking a detour is almost always slower. You should set some via-points to force the route you are expecting and compare the driving times. If you like to avoid such detours you should read about custom models and the distance_influence parameter especially.

And are you saying the route changed between a previous version and 3.0? Which one was the previous version, what does your configuration look like and what are the coordinates of your route? And did you try the most recent version 5.3? Without this kind of information it is impossible to say what went ‘wrong’ here.

In previous version car-profile way was as another car ways :

I checked another cases and it always try to get to the yellow road as quick as possible - and as you can see that road is longer and takes more time:

Maybe you know some setting/classes etc. which I should check ?

Another example:

I haven’t try another version - I’m the beginner in the GH and I got sume bug to fix

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