Tails in roundtrips

Hi all!

I’ve been experimenting with the roundtrip algorithm, which I really enjoy. There is only 1 thing which I cannot get rid off. I get really weird “tails” in my roundtrips.

If I zoom in,

I’m trying to understand the problem here. It looks like the end of those tails are the “generatedPoints”. The algorithm tries to calculate a path till that point. And than starts calculating the path to the next generatedPoint, which causes the route to go back on the same path.

This is my config.yml:

Any ideas on how I can get rid of these? In almost every roundtrip that I generate, I have those tails :anguished:.

Looking forward to your answers!


Currently there is no setting that you can use to improve this. However, you could try changing this line in RoundTripRouting.java:


Maybe try setting the factor to 10 or so. A higher value means that it will be less likely that the round trip visits the same road multiple times (and does some detour instead).

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Thanks for the help! Will try that out :grin:.

The problem still exists after changing the penalty from 5 to 10 or higher.



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