Street hint rejecting nearest road

I’ve come address a problem with point hints that has pretty odd behaviour. There is an address between 2 roads (annoyingly with similar names). If I pass in the point hint which is the exact street name of the correct road (below) then it snaps to the wrong road (above). If I move the green marker closer to the bottom road then it does snap to the bottom road but only after getting 100m away from the top road (because of my PR here This leads me to believe that the problem is the matching of the point hint to the name of the street, but as I am passing in the same string that OSM has on the map then I can’t see how it would fail.

Point hint = “Sierra Morena Close SW”

If I remove the SW then it does match correctly. Does GH potentially have a different name for the street?

(Also sorry that the only issues I bring up are annoying point hint edge cases)

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