Strange Routemapping bike

I got a strange routing result. If i put one via in the middle of the route the route is as expected.
Can not find a reason


The first Link shows the correct route (highway=service). The route of the second link tries to avoid the road and use highway=footway


Speed are on all edges are ok.

I cant see any reason why the routing engine choose the second route. Any idea what I’am missing.

Thanks Ralf

I think it might be the same bug as here:

ok, I see.

I have’nt seen that there are
EnumEncodedValue roadAccessEnc = flagEncoder.getEnumEncodedValue(RoadAccess.KEY, RoadAccess.class);
giving back kind of 2 types of RoadAccess

First gives back “destination” on the avoided road.

Might be an idea to overwrite the value “destination” by Bike*Encoder after it has set by one of the parent classes.


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