Sticking Markers on a Map


I am new in developing things with OSM.
Now I want to start with a defined route on a Map (out of a shape file) and stick some cars (excavator) with GPS-Coordinates on this route.

I have the GPS-Coordinate of the excavator and the fixed route…

Now Can I refresh the excavator every 15 secs and bind the excavatorto the route so that the excavator only moves on the route not beside it.

The second question I have is how can I simulate the excavator betweet two fixt points?
We have two Pits from where the excavator starts and finidhes there turn.
The excavator only giv me every 30 second a Coordinate…
Is there a way to calculate teh vehicle on the map, so that it moves smooth on the route without getting every second a new coordinate?



For which platform, mobile, web, desktop?

GraphHopper can be used to perform the routing part, as seen here.

Depending on map library showing the results, e.g. VTM can ask in its forum.
It has many examples for overlays in its repository samples app.

To simulate smooth movement can use Kalman filter though seems advanced.
Perhaps map-matching can help find those intermediate points.

I created an desktop receiver (python) to gather the positions.
The next plattform is not important.
Nice would be a web app.

Okay, so I have to take a look on the Kalman filter
Thanks :slight_smile: