State update in MaxTimeInVehicleConstraint

Im experimenting with MaxTimeInVehicleConstraint from 1.7.3-Snapshot. All my jobs are shipments , I have a heterogenous vehicle fleet.

When NewVehicle!=Route.Vehicle, I get an NullPointerException at

if(newActIsPickup || iFacts.getAssociatedActivities().size() == 1)

latest = stateManager.getActivityState(nextAct, iFacts.getNewVehicle(), latestStartId, Double.class);

because the Activies for the new Vehicle had not been pushed into the state by UpdateMaxTimeInVehicle()

to workaround, I changed the above if condition to something like
if((newActIsPickup || iFacts.getAssociatedActivities().size() == 1)&& !newVehicleDiffersFromRoute)

Maybe someone knowledgable can comment on the correctness?