Start Graphhopper Server from Pre-built Graph


I’m having trouble starting Graphhopper from a Graph that has been built on another server - I get the error message " Your specified OSM file does not exist D:\OSM\planet-20180906.osm.pbf".

The message is correct in that the PBF file does not exist, but the Graph does and I have successfully started Graphhopper before with a different pre-built Graph, without needing the PBF as well.

The command I’m using is:

java -jar -Xmx50000m -Xms50000m C:\Graphhopper\graphhopper-web-0.10.0-with-dep.jar jetty.resourcebase=webapp config=C:\Graphhopper\ datareader.file=D:\OSM\planet-20180906.osm.pbf

The Graph exists in D:\OSM\planet-20180906.osm-gh\ but when I run the command it seems to try to build the Graph again from the non-existent PBF file.

Is there some variation of the java command that asks it to use the pre-built Graph rather than search for a PBF file?



Not sure what goes wrong, but you can try to specify the graph location directly with:

That worked! Thanks for your help.


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