Some Problems about Indoor Routing

I want GH to load some indoor map in ESRI Shapefile with a customized schema ,and deliver the shortest path.

In case of our requirements,Am I supposed to do some modification on source code or configuration of GH?

Is there anyone can give me a brief instructions for the steps it entails?

Thanks in advance.

There is no special work in this area, but you can follow this issue, as we intend to move a bit forward in a few weeks.

Also there is a shape file importer

I have given a brief review on source code. For the indoor routing for multi-floor building , routing server should have a new nearest query mechanism to snap edges or nodes in different floors.Is there any existed infrastructure in GraphHopper that can helps to locate nearest element in graph?if not How can I extend the existing modules to support it? Thanks!

Yes, see the LocationIndexTree. Currently not perfectly suited for indoor but know people who work with this.

in the DijkstraBidirectionRef.fillEdges(),I want to know the from_node and to_node regarding an edge .how to get this information?since some edge maybe a kind of oneway edge,I need to know which directions of an edge is reachable. thank you!