Shape reader can not detect the roundabout

i use the shape reader to read my routing information that type is .shp
it calculates the the right path when the path does not contain the roundabout.
But when the roundabout is in path, the shape reader can not detect it and treat like a street.
when i open the shape file, i saw there is no fclass type that define the roundabout.
Can you guide me how can i define the roundabout type until when the shape reader reads my file detects the roundabout and treats like roundabout.
This my out put when i use the shape file that the graphhopper use as the shape file for tseting the shape reader
i use this latitudes
from : 35.89324,14.5075
to : 35.893057,14.508187

output :
Text: Continue onto Triq Sant’ Annaprimary
Distance: 38.613
Time: 2137
***** Next Instruction*****
Text: Turn sharp right onto primary
Distance: 61.346
Time: 3396
***** Next Instruction*****
Text: Turn sharp right onto residential
Distance: 38.437
Time: 4612

but when use osm data i got this out put :
Continue onto Triq Sant’ Anna
At roundabout, take exit 3
Turn sharp right onto Triq San Frangisk

Best Regards