Setting routing algorithm

I’m able to set the routing algorithm used by adding, say, “&algorithm=dijkstra_bi” to the URL. But how can I specify the default algorithm? It is currently bidirectional A star and I have disabled contraction hierarchies.

Look at the GrapHopper class at line ~980:

String algoStr = request.getAlgorithm();
if (algoStr.isEmpty())
   algoStr = chFactoryDecorator.isEnabled() && !disableCH &&
   !(lmFactoryDecorator.isEnabled() && !disableLM) ? DIJKSTRA_BI : ASTAR_BI;

Thank you. So I’ve gone to that line, changed it to just read “algoStr = DIJKSTRA_BI”, deleted the jar files and the folder. I then regenerated them and restarted the server with ./ web greater-london-latest.osm.pbf

However, in the Terminal window, astarbi still displays as the algorithm used if I haven’t specified an algorithm in the URL. Is there some other step I’ve missed?