Service roads ignored when using street_hint

Currently when navigating to houses that are connected to an unnamed service road, passing street_hint will cause the point to be snapped to the main road, instead of visiting the house from the service road it is adjacent to.

For example with this these addresses Way: 782883594 | OpenStreetMap
Passing “Sterling Drive” as the street_hint will cause the houses to all be visited on the main “Sterling Drive” road. The issue is that the addresses there are technically “Sterling Drive” but the road they are connected to, isn’t named “Sterling Drive” in OSM.

Would you be open to me contributing a fix to GitHub - graphhopper/graphhopper: Open source routing engine for OpenStreetMap. Use it as Java library or standalone web server. that would allow unnamed service roads when passing in the street hint, or is the suggested fix here that these roads be updated in OSM to also have the same name as the main road?

I see this as a data problem. IMO we shouldn’t fix this in the engine.

that would allow unnamed service roads when passing in the street hint

But what if the road really has no name and the street hint would result in the correct snap? IMO we cannot differentiate properly between these two cases and the data quality is the issue.

Makes sense, thanks for your help!

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