Rural roads for cyclists

Hi all,

I got a question about finding rural roads for cyclists. Is it possible to prefer routes that are close to nodes with tags like “landuse” == “forest” or “landuse” == “grass”?

I’ve seen the handleNodeTags() function, but this completely blocks nodes. Also the handlePriority() function looks at tags of ways, not nodes.

If this is not possible yet, what is the best way to implement this?


At the moment this is not possible out of the box. This will be simpler to handle in future versions, but currently you would need to write a similar logic as done in an experimental branch that copies node tags into encoded values that are available to a custom model.

And with a custom model you can then write your own logic to avoid or prefer certain roads.

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Thanks for the example and fast answer! I will try that.

Oh, I’m not sure if the branch has already usage outside of internal development as there are a few unclear things. But you can of course collect the ideas itself and try if you can make it working. My hope is to have it in GH 4.0 (next release will be 3.0)

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Landuse tags usually are used with areas, modelled as OSM ways or even more complicated as multipolygon relations, not as nodes. Therefore I believe that with a node based approach you will not be able to take “greenery” into the weighting as you intend.
I would find it interesting to take nearby ways, area ways and multipolygon relations into the weighting. This way it could become possible to decrease the priority of a highway=cycleway if it runs parallel to a highway=primary and increase the priority in case it is surrounded by greenery landuses.

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I will try to make it work and otherwise wait for release 4.0 :ok_hand:

Thats a great remark. I was already wondering how the landuse tags were used. I will try combinate your information with karussels example. Thanks!

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