Routing via highway=service access=customers

I’ve got an example where the routing engine is choosing a route through a shop’s customer road rather than via the nearby public highway. I don’t think my tags are inappropriate, but feel free to comment:

(The service road is closed overnight and wouldn’t be a good choice during the day either - it really is just for customers)

Would this route be the preferred from you? And do you think we should just make the customers-only road less likely to be picked or avoid it completely?

Note to self: there is also a customer access on the node: And there is also this related discussion about the destination access for foot and bike.

(thx for joda time btw :slight_smile: !)

Yes, thats the route it should be offering. (Well strictly speaking, this route is the best as it goes via traffic lights and tactile paving / lowered kerbs rather than across two busy slip roads with neither of those things, but thats a different issue.)

I certainly think access=customers and access=destination should be lower priority than general public roads (assumed access=yes or designated).

More generally, I suspect there are cases where walking across an access=customers/destination area is fine and there are cases when it is not. I don’t think there is a general way to tell the difference via tagging at present - maybe it needs a new tag. In this case, the gate and the building_passage are extra clues, plus the fact that the public highway is a very similar distance.


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