Routing request on public transport without pt.earliest_departure_time

Can I do not specify the “pt.earliest_departure_time” parameter for routing on public transport?
To GraphHopper was looking for a route without regard for time…

I don’t have stop_times.txt, I wrote there random time… And I need to find route without it

Without stop times, you are out of luck, sorry. This is all meant for schedule-based public transport.

This is so sad… can not it be avoided?
what will happen if I set the value of this parameter as 23:59 ? May I misunderstand the meaning of this parameter? could you explain?

This feature plans a trip through a public transport system, where busses, trains etc. go on a fixed schedule. Like this. There is nothing you can do without a departure time or a schedule, because that is what it is about.

I probably asked the wrong question, sorry
what does pt.earliest_departure_time” parameter mean? what does it restrict / change?

It is the time at which you want to travel.

what about Speed of public transport: Speed of public transport ?

…is implicit from the schedule. When I know my bus is at stop A at 1:00, and at stop B at 1:24, and I know where stop A and stop B are, what more is there to say about speed?

and how are the values of the PathWrapper.InstructionList.Instruction.time taken?