Routing and Road pricing

Hello all, great forum …

I’m developing a TruckFlagEncoder and i want to count the distance of Motorway covered with Maut in the routes.
A simple way is to extend the flag encoder with a boolean for ways with maut. And then in the result, sum way distance up on when maut is true.

Is there a better way of doing it ?

By the way, does anybody know if there are tags available in OSM data that covers the purpose ?

Yes, this should be the way to go, of course in different countries (!= Germany) toll is not only calculated based on distance so storing the full costs per edge is the only possibility there. You should be able to reuse what is done in the DataFlagEncoder and a contribution would be appreciated :slight_smile: !



I just wonder whether there are any updates regarding possible toll costs calculation approach in the recent versions of the engine? Looks like the suggestions above apply rather to previous versions.

Thanks a lot!