Route only through selected roads type

Hi guys. I’m creating mobile application with offline navigation and have a problem with a route building. The point is the created route goes through not only selected roads type. For example route which should goes only through walking road goes through car roads too.
Need your help graphhopper gurus :slight_smile:

Here is my code:

  • (GraphHopper *)graphHopperWithType:(NSString *)type grapghFilePath:(NSString *)filePath {
    GraphHopper *hopper = [[GraphHopper alloc] init];
    [hopper setCHEnableWithBoolean:YES];
    [hopper setAllowWritesWithBoolean:NO];
    EncodingManager *encodingManager = [[EncodingManager alloc] initWithNSString:@“foot”];
    [hopper setEncodingManagerWithEncodingManager:encodingManager];
    [hopper forMobile];
    [hopper load__WithNSString:filePath];
    return hopper;
    Please help, what i’m doing wrong?