Route GPX file Android

Hello, I need to route from .gpx file. For this I am using:
"GHRequest req = new GHRequest (points).
setAlgorithm (Algorithms.DIJKSTRA_BI);
req.getHints (). put (Routing.INSTRUCTIONS, true) .put (“edge_based”, Boolean.FALSE) .put (“u_turn_costs”, -1) .put (“pass_through”, Boolean.FALSE);
req.setVehicle (Variable.getVariable (). getTravelMode (). toString (). toLowerCase ());
req.setWeighting (Variable.getVariable (). getWeighting ());
// log (“points:” + req.toString ());
GHResponse resp = null;
if (hopper! = null)

                 resp = hopper.route (req);
             } "

However, I noticed that on the map there are some inconsistencies in the intersections of the streets.
How to solve?

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