Roundtrip distance bigger than requested

Hi all!

Can someone explain to me why the distance of the round trip returns 300+ km, when I requested a 200 km round trip? See examples, it does this with all my round trips bigger than 100 km.

Is there a way to correct this? I would like to have a margin of ~30km instead of 100+ km.

Looking forward to your anwsers!


round_trip.distance is the total beeline distance between the different corner points of the roundtrip, not an estimate for the actual length of the roundtrip. So if you are hoping to create a roundtrip with length 300km you should use a smaller value. If you really want your roundtrip to be of a certain length your best option might be creating many roundtrips (using different values for round_trip.seed) and filtering them by the real distance afterwards.

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Thanks for your response!

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