Resource's skills affecting average service durations

Hi folks,
first let me thank Stefan for this great piece of software. I’ve just downloaded it and find it really well structured and powereful!

Now a question (I think it is just the first of a large sequence JJJ): is there a painless way to define a task duration which is function of a given resource’s skill? An example may be clearer than 1k words: let’s say I have a task T that on average takes M service mins. then I have a resource A, whose skill is 1 and a resource B whose skill is 2. If I use resource A it will take M mins, if I use resource B it will take M/2 mins (eg. duration(T)=M/skill®).
Where should I get my hands dirty to encode such behaviour?


Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately, there is no easy way yet. However, there will be by the end of February. Then you will be able to model and solve your example.

great news Stefan!
thanks a lot for your efforts in all this.looking forward to have such a
modelization at hand.
Il 01/feb/2016 22:08, “stefan” ha


I’m looking for similar solution. Did you manage to implement it?