Reason for different routing results for fastest weighting option

For our routing application, we were using the fastest weighting for our routing and found inaccurate travel time for some examples even though the main site of Graphhopper returns results accurate to other routing servers like Google Maps etc. as follows:
However in our own application, given the following code:
GHRequest request=new GHRequest(28.544256, 77.206707, 28.698156,77.206423).setProfile(profile).putHint(Parameters.CH.DISABLE, true); GHResponse fullRes = gh.route(request); if (fullRes.hasErrors()) { throw new RuntimeException(fullRes.getErrors().toString()); } ResponsePath res = fullRes.getBest(); System.out.println("Distance in meters: " + res.getDistance()); System.out.println(Time in minutes: + (res.getTime()/(60))/1000);

We get the following result:
Distance in meters: 19192.35226933002
Time in minutes: 20

We can see that the time (20 minutes) doesn’t match to the 38 minutes in graphhopper platform or Google Maps platform for the same source and destination. What could be the reason for small travel times using fastest weighting?

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