Query with special symbols cause error

Long search query with special symbols cause Internal Server Error.

Example: https://graphhopper.com/api/1/geocode/?format=json&limit=1&q=Msodfsdlkj%20fdsfjiodsfiosdio%20sdiofu%20iosdufiosdufoidfdf%20ujdsoifu%20dsoifusdoiufoisduf%20oisufoi23u4io3u2%20o4i2u34oiu23%20324]].%2F%2F%2F{{P}{""%40%23%24)%26%24!%40%23)(ELW|"DA&reverse=false&provider=nominatim

I think this case must return empty search result for consistent error handling on client app. Or i’m wrong?

Yes, this is right. This might be a bug in our geocoding converter: https://github.com/graphhopper/geocoder-converter that does not properly handle a problem on the side of nominatim. Would you mind to create an issue there?