PT Berlin Example "Killed"

Hi Guys,

I have followed the steps in the PT example ( and can’t get it to work with the Berlin/Brandenburg datasets, while other GTFS/PBF combinations work well (Cologne for example). I get the following logs/error messages:

INFO [2018-08-05 14:03:45,191] com.conveyal.gtfs.GTFSFeed: Building trips per service index
INFO [2018-08-05 14:03:45,918] com.conveyal.gtfs.GTFSFeed: Building services per date index
INFO [2018-08-05 14:03:46,551] com.conveyal.gtfs.model.Entity$Loader: Table fare_attributes was missing but it is not required.
INFO [2018-08-05 14:03:46,551] com.conveyal.gtfs.model.Entity$Loader: Table fare_rules was missing but it is not required.
INFO [2018-08-05 14:03:47,590] location index created in 1.034617s, size:997 639, leafs:250 994, precision:300, depth:4, checksum:728563, entries:[64, 64, 64, 4], entriesPerLeaf:3.9747524

I suspect some kind of RAM issue, but I’m on a 12 GB machine, which should be sufficient. The command I’m running is
java -Xmx10g -Xms10g -Dgraphhopper.datareader.file=berlin.pbf -Dgraphhopper.graph.flag_encoders=pt -Dgraphhopper.graph.location=./graph-cache -jar web/target/graphhopper-web-*.jar server config.yml

I’ll gladly assist if any further debugging info is needed.
Thanks in advance