Private roads accessible by foot in San Francisco but not in following areas

Hi, I get ConnectionNotFound error for following query in Alabama:

which is understood as the private roads are restricted in FootFlag Encoder access list.

But, I am able to get route for following points which include the destination on road with “private access”.

I found roads in San Francisco with same property (osm) of private Road as in first query (Alabama) but it still finds route successfully to nearby points.

Could you please understand help why is it not throwing ConnectionNotFound in San Francisco area?

For smaller disconnected areas we remove them from the routing (this is the subnetwork removal, see PrepareRoutingSubnetworks) and so the destination location is snapped to nearby roads. For bigger disconnected areas (areas like in your cases, islands, continents) we cannot remove them and you get this exception but you can calculate routes within this network.

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