Prioritize services or fix services


i hope i am writing in the right section :wink:
So my question, is it possible to prioritize Services or atleast set them fix so that they dont get unassigned?

Thanks for your question. Is it related to our commercial product, the Directions API, or more related to the open source project?

Oh i am sorry, its related to the route optimization api, therefore the commercial product

Actually, it is not possible yet. Would you mind to give me some more info about your use case? I am going to put this on our requested feature list. And since this or similar has been requested several times already it should be one of the next features. Technically, it should not be a big issue to integrate this in our API. Thanks for your question :).

Sounds awesome ! :slight_smile:

Our use case:

We have several addresses to optimize but also fix appointments we cannot miss. So the Services for these fix appointments are not allowed to get unassigned even if the optimization would fail or it wouldnt be best optimized

Prioritization would be just a nice additional feature, cause we have addresses of classes A, B and C where it would be nice when addresses of class C would be getting unassigned before addresses of class A, and only if its not possible A before B or C.

I hope you understand what i am trying to say, otherwise feel free to ask :wink:

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Understood! Thanks for your clarification.

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You can now assign priorities: Optimization API: Priorize important services and shipments over less important ones