Prefer direction of route depending the address side of the road

I got a request the other day for planning routes that does no require the driver to cross the road to make a visit to an address.

Fx. when driving through a city, some roads may be hard to cross by foot – or even by car. So it may be preferred to approach the address at the same side of the road as the address is.

Of course it should not have a great weight as I don’t want it to do a roundtrip of several miles simply to come in from the right direction. But would it be possible to make such a preference?

That is an interesting feature to avoid crossing the road, have to think about it. It involves pre-calculating areas of the same ‘enclosed road island’ which should not be hard (if no bridges) and then a special additional weight somehow for the QueryGraph.

Approaching the address from a specific direction is possible already with the heading feature in the flexiblity mode. See web api docs + similar Java API.

It can work only partially with CH so we’ve disabled it there.

Thank you for heads up on heading in flex mode. To be honest, I never tried without CH.

I’ll give it a go. :blush:

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